Top 10 Biggest Internet Scams


We all get spam emails designed to raise our curiosity and make us ponder about the things that we could improve about ourselves. Whether they claim to let you in on a secret way to make money quick, or a way to increase the proportions of your body, they all have one thing in common – they’re scams.

The main reason why these scams are so popular is that some people actually fall for them. Hopeful and optimistic, they lunge head first into the possibility of making their lives better, with no regard to personal safety or the well-being of their personal finances. Without further ado, here are the ten biggest scams on the internet nowadays.

10Nigerian Prince / Hidden Wealth Scam

It has to be said from the start that variations of this scam have been around since before there were computers and email technology. In the old days, the scammers would send the ‘bait’ letter through the mail to a large number of people and wait for them to fall on their trap. The scam goes like this: a wealthy Nigerian prince has to get money out of the country but cannot do that because of whatever restrictions.

They offer you a possibility to make an awful lot of money if you just pay for the ‘legal fees’ that have to be paid in order to access his vast reserves. As you may have imagined, there is no rich prince and there are no money…well, except the money ignorant people are sending to the scammers.