Top 10 Biggest Internet Scams


We all get spam emails designed to raise our curiosity and make us ponder about the things that we could improve about ourselves. Whether they claim to let you in on a secret way to make money quick, or a way to increase the proportions of your body, they all have one thing in common – they’re scams.

The main reason why these scams are so popular is that some people actually fall for them. Hopeful and optimistic, they lunge head first into the possibility of making their lives better, with no regard to personal safety or the well-being of their personal finances. Without further ado, here are the ten biggest scams on the internet nowadays.

9Fraud Recovery Scam

Let’s say that you fell for the Nigerian prince scam and you are now looking into the possibility or recovering the money you just lost. No worries, there are Fraud Recovery experts and recovery software you can use to get your money back, for a small fee of course. As soon as you pay the fee, however, you find out that either the expert or the software you just paid for, are nothing but scams as well.

Yes, there really are people as vial and opportunistic as these, and they’re doing quite well financially because of the poor folks who fall into their trap every day.