Top 10 Biggest Misconceptions About Evolution


Many people hold inaccurate opinions about evolution these days, which is unfortunate given how far we as a species have come in terms of understanding the world around us. While some of these misconceptions are based on a poor understanding of the subject, others are purposely indoctrinated into the minds of gullible individuals who don’t know any better.

To help clear out some poorly understood facts about evolution, we decided to remind ourselves of the ten biggest misconceptions people have about it along with the possible causes that lead to their propagation. So if you’ll bear with us for a few minutes, we’ll try to find out what are the ten biggest misconceptions about evolution some people have.

6Most Biologists Reject Darwinism

There is a misconception that scientists do not agree with the evolution theory. This is not true – although the misconception has been perpetuated by the fact that recent scientific discoveries challenge some earlier notions about evolution. For instance, while evolution was initially considered to be a slow process, there is evidence that it can take place at an accelerated pace. But this only adds to the evolution theory, giving it greater credibility within the scientific community.