Top 10 Biggest Myths About The Romans


People’s fascination with the Romans is completely understandable given the fact that we owe the Romans many of the benefits of modern civilization. This being said, most of the things the general population knows about the Romans come from TV shows and documentaries. It is therefore not uncommon for myths and hearsay to get mingled with factual information from time to time, especially when these shows are based on biased observations from unreliable historians.

To help clear out some of the most common misconceptions about the Romans, we thought it would be wise to address some of the most popular myths perpetuated by Hollywood productions and TV shows. Here are the ten biggest myths about the Romans most of you would have already heard about by now.

10Crucifixion as punishment

Given the fate of Jesus Christ, some people might be inclined to think that the Romans often used crucifixion as a punishment. In reality, Roman citizens were almost never punished through crucifixion unless they were convicted of high treason. Most of the time, roman citizens who were given death sentences would be killed in various other ways, although they were given the possibility to kill themselves before the sentence was carried out.