Top 10 Biggest Natural Disasters in History


Our planet has the most complicated atmosphere within our solar system. It is in fact so complicated, that meteorologists often study other planets to understand more about our own weather. Unfortunately, climate change and active plate tectonics sometimes give birth to horrible natural disasters that affect entire communities and sometimes even nations.

Coming up with a Top 10 such disasters isn’t easy as every so called “act of God” is defined by the amount of material damage made combined with human lives that were lost at the time of the event. This means that this sort of ‘study’ is usually subjective by nature as it is bound to be categorized depending on every event’s relevance to a certain group of people throughout history.

10Aleppo Earthquake – Syria 1138 – 230,000 death toll

The Aleppo earthquake is among the deadliest in the history of mankind. It occurred on 11 October 1138 and caused the death of around 230,000 people in northern Syria. The city of Aleppo is situated in the northern part of the ‘Dead Sea Transform’ which is a system of geologic faults separating the Arabian plate from the African plate.

Historical documentation shows that the earthquake was preceded by another quake on the 10th of October and its aftershocks continued until the 3rd of November. According to the same data, the quake made the most damage in Harem, which was an area occupied by Crusaders . Apparently, the quake was so bad that an entire citadel was destroyed along with a large church that collapsed on itself.