Top 10 Biggest Pharmaceutical Companies in the World


We all take pills at some point or another, whether we have a headache that won’t go away or a digestion problem. As a matter of fact, our society as whole has become addicted to taking pills, supplements, or rubbing creams on themselves whenever people feel something’s wrong with them. This being said, we do have a wider variety of drugs to choose from than our parents or their parents before that.

In fact, there is a giant industry that revolves around pharmaceuticals, an industry that has been growing at a steady pace for more than 50 years now. So let us take a look at the ten biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world right now to better understand just how big the industry really is.


This US-based company has an annual revenue of $18.8bn and a Research & Development(R&D) expenditure of $2.9bn a year. Formed by Abbott Pharmaceutical, this biopharmaceutical company split into two separate entities over time. The main purpose of AbbVie is to help people around the world manage serious health conditions via a network of scientists, researchers, specialists, and regulatory experts that are among the best in the business.