Top 10 Biggest Ships Ever Built


We all know about the Titanic and how that went, but surprisingly enough, the Titanic isn’t even among the 10 biggest ships ever build. Although it had a record size at the time, there are other more impressive ships that have been built since. Despite our technological advancements, there is no safer, faster way to carry hundreds of tons of cargo across the ocean other than using giant ships. Let us then take a look at the 10 biggest such ships and what it took to build them.

10TI Class Super Tanker

The Super tanker Oceania is a magnificent ship – in every way of the word. It is a beauty to behold and it is gi-normous. It is a tanker ship, as its name suggests, and it has such a massive capacity. It is a double hulled masterpiece, of which there are only 3 others in the whole world. While Maersk Tripple E range of ships are longer, the TI Class boast of a higher dead weight and gross tonnage. This gigantic beauty can reach speeds of up to 18 knots, it is 380 m in length and its deadweight tonnage is 440,000.