Top 10 Biggest Spiders in the World


Most people fear spiders to some extent, or at least that is what reading internet comments has us believe. Although a majority of all spiders avoid human beings as much as possible, some people get squeamish just at the sight of them. While arachnophobia is a real and quite serious phobia that almost 8% of people suffer from to some extent, there are also plenty of rational reasons to fear at least some of the spiders out there. For instance, it is quite expected to get a bit nervous should you ever find yourself near the biggest spider in the world for some reason. Speaking of which, what exactly are the world’s biggest spiders and how do they look like? Well, let’s find out!

10Tegenaria parietina

This rare European spider can also be found in specific areas around Northern Africa and Central Asia, although some have spotted it as far as Argentina and Uruguay. Capable of growing legs as long as 14 cm as adults, these spiders pose no real threats to humans whatsoever. They can be recognized not only by their impressive size but also by their reddish brown color. As for their habitat, these spiders can usually be found in buildings or walls, preferring the warmth of man-made structures rather than being exposed to the shifting temperature outside.