Top 10 Biggest Tech Flops of our Time


They say a good idea is worth millions, but what about ideas that were supposed to make millions but didn’t? Each of the following products were supposed to revolutionize some segment of the market and the way people were doing things, only each and every single one of them failed. Some were ahead of their time, others were simply ridiculous. All, however, ended up costing their manufacturers a fortune making little to no profit whatsoever. In other words, here are the ten biggest tech flops of our time, products that you have undoubtedly heard of, yet products that almost nobody actually bought.

9The Segway

Before its release, the Segway had been overly over hyped. It was famous before it even debuted. Even Steve Jobs thought it would be such a great deal. Its creators were in for a big surprise. It reported very low sales upon its release. So much for the early over hype. However, even with such dull sales, the Segway quickly made its way into malls and warehouses and you will see people ride on them – including pedestrian police officers. Not a very bad flop, you could say, but a flop nonetheless.