Top 10 Blonde Girls Stereotypes


myths about blondes

They say a lot of things about blondes, especially that they’re somehow dumber than average women. Truth is, nobody really knows how this stereotype came to be, but this doesn’t stop people from perpetuating it even further. There are a few other stereotypes associated with blondes, stereotypes that we’ll go through over the next few minutes while trying to figure out to what extent do these stereotypes have any basis in real life.

Needless to say, there are also quite a few jokes out there about blondes as well, and they all revolve around the notion that blondes are either dumb, easy, self-centered. Without further ado, here are the ten most widespread stereotypes about blondes that for the most part, are completely untrue.

10Blondes can’t drive

Some say that the myth according to which blondes can’t drive originates in the many jokes about how worse women are at driving than men. To some extent, this might actually be true given how popular are the jokes regarding women drivers. Combine that with the many other stereotypes about blondes and you have yourself a reason why people might consider blonde women to be bad drivers.

9The get away with everything

People also say about blondes that they seem to be getting away with a lot more than other women, mostly due to them being seen as more attractive and outgoing. As you may imagine, this isn’t always true in real life where blondes have to put just as much effort into succeeding as women with differently colored hair. What’s worse about this stereotype is that it’s reinforced by various films and tv productions of our time.

8Blondes are weak

Another interesting stereotype about blondes is that they’re weak and overly sensitive. Again, nobody really knows where this stereotype originated, although it seems to have everything to do with their rarity. You see, women with blonde hair, especially those with brightly colored eyes, will always stand out in a crowd. Because people see tham as a rare item to be stared at, they will also project many of their own insecurities upon them.

7They’re only interested in how they look

For this particular stereotype, we have nothing but Hollywood to blame. For years, Hollywood productions have perpetuated the unjust stereotype that blondes are somehow more interested in their own good looks than other issues. Yet again, it would be hard to point out what exactly possessed them to do such a thing, but it seems that every single blonde actress in any Hollywood production released over the past twenty years has been pretty and that her role was one that involved using her looks to her advantage.

6Blondes are popular

Yet another myth made popular by movies and TV shows is that of the popular blonde girl. Whether it’s about high school students or a supporting character in an action movie, blondes always seem to be extremely popular and social. For some reason, these stereotypes found their way outside the screen and into real life where even for reasons unknown to them, people consider blondes to be popular.

5They are self-centered

We mentioned earlier how rare blondes are, especially those with brightly colored eyes. Well, it seems that because of their popularity, they are often perceived as self-centered and narcissistic, which isn’t really the case. Nevertheless, this stereotype has lead to people seeing blondes as conceited, which forces them to deal with holstility and anger without any fault of their own.

4Blondes are privileged

Another interesting stereotype is that of the priviledged blonde. For some reason, people sometimes think that blondes have aristocratic backgrounds and that they have a different social status than most. Again, this is mostly because of the many big-screen productions depicting blondes as being rich and priviledged, with very little basis in real life. This also leads people to believe that because of their position, blondes wouldn’t be able to look after themselves properly.

3They are promiscuous

People also consider blondes to be promiscuous based on nothing but their own insecurities. This might be because of how poorly blondes are represented in movies and TV productions where they only serve as eye-candy or as supporting roles for the male leads. Because of how attractive most of these actresses are, people will also presume that this is how most women are in real life, an issue that blondes have had to deal with since the days of Marilyn Monroe.

2Blondes are attractive

Although there are plenty of unattractive blondes out there, the ones people seem to always focus are always more than average in the looks department. Be them singers, movie stars, or socialites, it seems that people have this preconceived notion that famous blondes are all attractive. Again, this myth is constantly being perpetuated by our society be it voluntarily or not, and the fact that women will sometimes dye their hair blonde to make themselves prettier certainly doesn’t help.

1Blonde girls are stupid

This is perhaps the most widespread and popular stereotype that blondes have to deal with. For some reason, people have this preconceived belief that blondes are dumber than your average woman, a myth that has ancient origins actually. It is believed that this stereotype was started by ancient Romans who viewed their Germanic neighbors to the north as being savage and barbaric. Because most of these people had blond hair, it was just a matter of time until the stereotype of the dumb blonde person appeared, a stereotype that is alive and well to this day.