Top 10 Coldest Places in the USA


Back in the 80s and early 90s, movies always portrayed America as a sunny place where people would water their lawns every day. Some places in America, however, aren’t all that green and cheerful, especially in the winter. Seeing how not everybody can afford a beach house in Florida or California, those who choose to live in the northern parts of the United States will sometimes have to endure very cold temperatures in the winter.

Over the next few minutes, we’ll look into the coldest places in America in our quest for the ten coldest cities in the United States. So the next time you complain about the cold weather, make sure to remember that some people have it much worse. Mind you, we only included cities outside Alaska which gets considerably colder during the winter.

5Duluth, Minnesota – 10.3 F

Located at the most western point of the Great Lakes, the city of Duluth is the 5th largest in Minnesota. Interestingly enough, the city of Duluth is nicknamed ‘The Air-Conditioned City’ due to the summertime cooling effect of the nearby Lake Superior. The cooling wind is also the reason behind the city’s cold winter temperatures who drop to 10.3 F on average, a cold temperature that usually lasts until the end of May.