Top 10 Common Misconceptions about Computers


For those of us who aren’t all that tech-savvy, computers appear as these complicated devices shrouded in mystery that they have to be careful with; else they will turn on their user for no particular reason. In reality, however, modern computers are quite easy to use. So easy to use, in fact, that most of the time people have issues with their personal computers, it is usually the user who is at fault for whatever issue it may have. Even so, we have to admit that even the simplest of concepts related to computers appear alien to most users nowadays, thus let us take a look at the 10 most common misconceptions about computers in the world today.

10Passwords¬†–¬†Length and Complexity

Passwords are used to restrict access of confidential information by unauthorized persons. The misconception among many has always been that the longer and complex the password the safer the information. Though this is true, many people have problems remembering the complex and lengthy passwords and choose to write them down. This is more risky as anyone who gets a hold of where their passwords are written can access their computer network and accounts. The best thing to do is to keep the password mildly complex for ease of remembrance, but at the same time, complex enough that no one else can guess.