Top 10 Coolest Weapons Throughout History


People are very creative when it comes to killing each others and have been since the dawn of time. While modern weaponry is designed to kill efficiently and effortlessly, this wasn’t always the case throughout the ages. It used to be that soldiers had to get close and personal to kill one another on the battlefield, an almost intimate approach to warfare that has since been lost due to the modernization of military technology.

Even so, great commanders have always underlined the importance of war machines and quality combat gear throughout history, always trying to get the edge through innovation. We thought it would be nice for us to remember some of these inventions, weapons that gave great generals through history the edge against their opponents. So without further ado, here are ten of the coolest weapons and technologies ever used on the field of battle throughout history.

9Morning Star

The morning star is a crude, albeit cool weapon from long in the past. Essentially, this is a club-like weapon with several spikes coming out of it. The morning star was typically used to hit enemies in the head. Although generally considered a weapon for the peasant poor, some morning stars were made for the rich. There was even a king who used it as his preferred weapon.