Top 10 Creepiest Places on Earth


Children grow up afraid of the monsters under their beds, yet as they grow, they realize that monsters are walking among all of us. Human beings have always tried to mystify terror as being supernatural via horror stories and film productions, whereas real terror lies in all of us. We often project our fear on places, creatures, or issues that trigger anxiety and uncertainty in an effort to rationalize the fears each and every single one of us feel from time to time.

It is because of our insecurities that we find ourselves fearing the unknown, which is the case with everything that we find obscure or unclear enough. Such is the case with the places we will soon talk about, places in which tragic or scary events might have occurred in the past, yet places surrounded with the type of terror that has lived and will live throughout the ages. So without further ado, let us find out which are the ten creepiest places on Earth at this point in time.

9Poveglia, Italy

This small island near Venice was used during the Black Death years of the 14th century to house thousand of plague-infected people. It is believed that tens of thousands of people were brought to the island to die over the years. Later on, this island was used as a mental hospital where the doctor in charge apparently tortured and murdered some of his patients before losing his mind and committing suicide. It also holds the title of ‘most haunted island in the world’, a title that didn’t deter a wealthy man from buying it just a few years ago.