Top 10 Dumbest Laws in the World


We need laws to ensure order within society, yet some of the laws on the following list are downright ridiculous. For some reason, the people who made these laws though they were doing society a service at that particular time in history. Over the years, however, some of these laws lost their original context, thus becoming quite bizarre in today’s world. Let us then take a look at 10 of the dumbest laws in the world to get a better understanding of what we should and what we definitely should not be doing in certain parts of the world.

9Handcuffing a clown

For a state that makes it an offense for anyone to carry an ice-cream cone in their back pocket on a Sunday, it does not come as a surprise that the state of Georgia is on this list. Under the state’s sadomasochistic laws, it is illegal for anyone to handcuff another who is wearing a clown suit and one can be liable for a jail term.