Top 10 Dumbest Thieves In The World


If we exclude people in charge of pyramid schemes or ill-intended stock traders, we can safely assume that most criminals aren’t exactly bright or clever. Still, be it because they’re lucky or inspired, some criminals manage to get away with their crimes. This definitely isn’t the case with the thieves on our list, people who are / were so stupid that they somehow managed to incriminate themselves beyond a┬áreasonable doubt.

While even the best-planned crimes can sometimes go horribly wrong for one reason or another, we can all agree that the following people deserve to get caught just because of their stupidity if nothing else. Let us then find out what are the ten dumbest thieves the world has ever seen.

8Silence is Golden

During the trial for his alleged armed robbery in Oklahoma City, Dennis Newton displayed one of the most moronic behaviors a criminal could have during any investigation – speaking. When the District Attorney asked one of the witnesses to identify the robber, she promptly pointed at Dennis who instead of keeping his mouth shut, jumped from his chair screaming ‘I should have blown your head off!’, which ended the trial with him being convicted to 30 years in prison.