Top 10 Fastest Roller Coasters In The World


Who doesn’t like the thrill of riding a roller coaster? Of course, most of us only do it occasionally and only a few times throughout our lives, yet every time it happens, we treat it as a memorable experience because it is. Roller coasters are designed to stimulate people through speed and motion in order to provide them with the type of thrill they wouldn’t normally experience in any other way. This being said, not all roller coasters share the same characteristics because some are much better than others. Let us then find out what are the ten fastest roller coasters in the world and where they are.

9Goliath – Six Flags Magic Mountain, Valencia, California, USA – 85 mph / 136.7 km/h

This Californian roller coaster is not only one of the fastest on the planet but also one of roller coasters with the highest drop. It is also the seventh tallest roller coaster in the world, standing at over 20 stories high. Due to its high 255 foot drop, this roller coaster can reach speeds of 85 miles per hour, which when combined with its other features makes it one of the most entertaining on the planet.