Top 10 Foods That Make You Fart


Flatulence can be quite a problem when spending your days in a social environment among co-workers, friends, or family members. The issue of excess intestinal gas and bloating affects not only ourselves but the people around us just as well. We are all aware that certain foods cause flatulence more than others, but which ones?

While gas may build up within our intestines due to the swallowing of too much air, the ingestion of inappropriate chemicals, or diet changes, it is often because of the dishes we serve and the snacks we eat throughout the day. Over the next few minutes, we will find out which are the ten foods that are most likely to make us fart.


Although meat doesn’t necessarily make you fart, it does increase the time it takes for your digestive system to deal with it. This is because meat has a protein-rich composition that makes it tougher for your digestive tract to break it down and assimilate it. This allows bacteria to build up inside the intestines which stimulate the production of sulfur, a key component in smelly gasses.