Top 10 Funniest Female Comedians


Interestingly enough, every time you hear people talking about the best comedians of all time, they always seem to be talking about male comedians. It’s not that women aren’t funny, you see, it’s just that comedy as a whole is a very male-dominated field. It’s no surprise then that most of the highest paid comedians in the world are men. Even so, there are plenty of funny women out there, they just don’t get the attention they deserve for some reason.

To give you an idea of who to look for if you’re thinking about giving the female side of comedy a chance, we put together a list of the ten funniest female comedians in the world right now, comedians some of you would have undoubtedly heard about.

10Kathy Griffin

Griffin is one of the best comedians and innovative entertainers. Her subject matter touches on everything from sexuality to religion, all presented in somewhat of a rude tone. In fact, it was her language that has gotten her banned from several TV shows. Her stand-up comedy is more of catty gossip, especially her performance in “My Life on the D List” which is creative, hilarious and endearing.