Top 10 Funniest Gangster Names in History


We should start off by saying that you wouldn’t want any of the people we will talk about over the next few minutes as your neighbors. Criminal activity is no laughing matter, of course, yet some of the nicknames that gangsters often give each others are downright funny. Criminals are known to be people who rarely possess social filters, which is why they would have no quarrel with calling each others names.

Sometimes, these funny nicknames stuck and became part of the gangsters’ alias. After careful consideration, we believe to have found the ten funniest gangster names and nicknames ever. Make no mistake about it, however, the people you will soon read about were considered extremely dangerous back in the day and rightfully so.

9Charles ‘Pretty Boy’ Floyd

There is quite a bit of controversy surrounding his ‘pretty boy’ nickname, but it appears that Charles Floyd received it from the prostitutes he frequented ever so often. There are also those who say that he received it after a major robbery when one of the witnesses described him as a pretty boy. Either way, Charles hated his nickname so much that he even killed other gangsters who would refer to him this way.