Top 10 Greatest Composers Of All Time


Although classical music may not be everyone’s cup of tea, you have to admit that it had a tremendous influence not only on modern music but on music as an art form. Among many, there are few composers who revolutionized the craft in their time, composers who have inspired generations of artists since.

For your consideration, we thought long and hard about the minds who had the greatest impact on music the way only great composers can and we settled down on ten who we consider being the most influential throughout history. So without further ado, here are the ten greatest composers of all time.

10Giuseppe Verdi

This Italian composer is also the country’s best opera composer ever. His place in music history was cemented with his creation of the “Requiem”, which was his greatest work. In this refined composition, Verdi managed to blend glory and fear in a deeply religious work of art. The ferocity of this composition, as well as its harmonic melody, made Verdi’s “Messa di Requiem per Alessandro Manzoni” both unique and unforgettable.