Top 10 Greatest Conspiracy Theories of our Time


People love drama. They love it so much that they will sometimes let their imagination run rampart and come up with all kind of weird ideas and theories about current or past events. For some reason, the tale of a UFO crashing in the desert is far more appealing to people than a plane crash or similar incident which means that there will always be more incentive for people to embezzle the truth in order to fit their own vision.

We have all heard weird theories of aliens flying trough the night sky at some point in our lives, and for whatever reason, every time we hear about these sort of things, we are unable to turn a blind eye to it. Maybe it is in our nature, or maybe we just like the idea of being part of the never ending struggle against ‘them’ whomever ‘they’ may be. Whatever the reason, conspiracy theories have always been a part of our culture so we decided to go ahead and take a look at the ten most popular such events in modern times.

9Operation Northwoods

This is actually a genuine conspiracy involving members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff who were trying to set up a fake Cuban terror campaign on US soil to gain public support for the invasion of Cuba. This happened during the Cuban missile crisis when tensions were extremely high between USA and the Soviet Union an many believed that a war was inevitable.

As a plan, it was pretty atrocious as it involved planned bombings and simultaneous hijacking of American airliners. As a matter of fact, some conspiracy theorists claim that JFK’s refusal to approve this operation was the reason behind his assassination only a year later. Another interesting aspect of the operation is the planned use of hijacked airliners, which some people have linked to the 9/11 tragedy.