Top 10 Greatest Film Directors of all Time


Not many people realize this, but filmmakers have some of the toughest jobs on the planet. They get paid well, of course, but nobody ever thinks about the countless hours of stress and the discipline these filmmakers must possess to deal with every single thing that usually goes wrong during a movie’s production.

At the end of it all, if the movie does well, it is the actors who get most of the credit, whereas if the movie turns out wrong, nine times out of ten the director gets blamed for it. Despite this, some directors have had enormous success over the years as everything they touched seems to have turned to gold. Let us then remind ourselves of the ten greatest film directors of all time and the movies that made them famous.

9Federico Fellini

Long before the current successful directors was Federico Fellini, a man with a vision so grand that he was nominated for the Academy Award no less than 12 times. He was the master of dream sequences and displaying true beauty through outstanding visuals, skills that have influenced all the directors coming after him greatly. In fact, many successful directors like Terrence Malick or Terry Gilliam have based their work on Fellini’s genius.