Top 10 Greatest Modern Inventions


When applying ourselves, we humans tend to be extremely creative and ingenious. Over the past century, for example, we have made more technological breakthroughs than we made throughout the rest of our documented history. Some of these inventions were created to improve our quality of life, others to help us be more efficient and productive. All of them, however, have undoubtedly elevated our species as a whole and made us more interconnected today than any other point in time.

We human beings are ingenious by nature, constantly looking to better ourselves by changing the world around us when adapting to it is out of the question. Over time, we have created machines that can literally move mountains when needed, replacing the large required manpower previously needed.

We have machines these days that filter the very blood that animates us, machines that fly throughout the skies, and even machines that roam the grounds of other planets. Let us then take a look at some of the most important inventions in modern times, inventions that constitute the very foundation of every technology we use today.

9The Light Bulb

The light bulb was invented by Thomas Alva Edison in 1879. There is an assumption that the idea was initially brought to the fore by Humphrey Davy in 1800, when he invented an electric battery, and connected carbon with wires. The wires glowed producing an electric arc. Edison improved the concept of Joseph Wilson Swan and Charles Francis Brush experimenting with different longer lasting filaments. He made a life light bulb that could last for 40 hours and later on another which lasted for 1500 hours. It is known as the incandescent bulb, which the world greatly benefits from to date.