Top 10 Greatest Monarchs In History


History has shown that when a nation faces serious threats, sometimes an absolute monarchy might be needed to bring safety and peace. Great rulers are known for their actions, the sort of actions that sometimes change the fate of nations. When we talk about great monarchs, however, we talk about the benevolent kings who shaped the destiny of their subjects to outstanding standards, leaders who were mostly benevolent and constructive.

They were absolute leaders, yes, but their inclination towards creation rather than destruction earned them a valuable spot in the annals of history. Let us then remind ourselves what were the 10 greatest monarchs in history and how they managed to use absolute monarchy to improve the lives of those who they ruled over.

10Suleiman I (Ottoman Empire; 6 Nov 1494 – 7 Sep 1566)

In the 69 years that he served as the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, at the time consisting of most of Middle East, Southeastern Europe, and Rhodes, Suleiman I ushered in the golden age of the Ottoman Empire. Among other things, he introduced criminal, legislative, taxation, and educational reforms that rightly earned him the name Suleiman the Magnificent. His reign lasted longer than that of any other Sultan.