Top 10 Hardest Languages To Learn


It’s never easy to learn a new language, as many people who take up jobs overseas soon find out. It may also be quite a fun experience for some, especially if the language they’re currently learning has many similarities to their native language. This isn’t the case with the languages on our list, however, as these languages are universally considered to be among the hardest to pick up for anyone trying to learn them.

In fact, it is even the most experienced of translators who usually have difficulties learning these languages and we’ll soon find out why that is. Long story short, here are the ten hardest languages to learn for foreigners.


Danish is currently spoken by 6 million people, mostly in Denmark. The reason why Danish is so hard to pick up is because of its sound system which is quite unusual. The spoken language is markedly different from the languageā€™s written version, making it very difficult and counter-intuitive. Danish is a North Germanic language, you see, a language that preserved many particularities over the ages despite the written form changing quite a lot.