Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in The World


Interestingly enough, when people are asked about their opinion on what the best paying jobs are, they always seem to hint that actors and bankers take home the biggest paychecks at the end of the month. Actually, according to recent studies some of the highest paid professionals in the world operate in the medical department. The media usually goes on and on about famous actors and athletes making God knows how many millions a year but the fact of the matter is that in order to have a six figure salary these people have to truly be exceptional in their line of work.

As an average, most actors have a hard time paying rent as only the really famous cash in the millions that the media is talking about, and average to modest athletes earn as much as a school teacher at best. But what are the best paid jobs of our time one would ask, well, let’s take a moment and go through this recently published list of ten highest paying jobs in the western world.

10Natural Sciences Manager

Natural science managers are required to supervise the work of a group of other scientists such as chemists, biologists and geologists. With a salary of around $97,000 per year, these individuals are generally employed to consult organizations on environmental issues while the highest paid natural sciences managers work in the pharmaceutical industry.

In order to become a natural sciences manager, a person has to go through 6 years of training and a bachelor’s degree is imperative to begin with. It is true that most employers will pay for educational costs but either way, at 97 thousands a year, a natural sciences manager can pay for pretty much whatever they need.