Top 10 Hottest Fox News Girls of 2017


Whether you’re a fan of Fox News or not, you have to admit they have some of the hottest presenters of all mainstream networks. Whether we’re talking about homely girls that remind us of our high school sweethearts or drop-dead gorgeous figures that resemble lingerie models, some of the presenters employed by Fox News over the years have been as beautiful as they come.

To some extent, we can actually see a pattern here, as it is definitely not by chance that most of the presenters Fox News hires are extremely attractive young women. Let us then remind ourselves of the ten hottest Fox News girls who have graced the screen over time.

9Jamie Colby

Jamie’s role is that of a co-anchor for Fox News Channel’s ‘America’s News Headquarters’, a show she joined back in 2003. It is also when she joined the Fox News Network’s New York bureau, yet it was quickly obvious that she belonged on screen. Before joining the Fox News team, however, Jamie used to work as a correspondent for CNN and an anchor / reporter for CBS, WNYW-TV, WPIX-TV, all New York-based networks.