Top 10 Largest Mammals On Earth


Planet Earth is full of creatures big and small, creatures that have adapted to the most extreme of environments and who have even colonized all corners of the world. While most creatures were forced to evolve characteristics specific to their habitat, some have managed to evolve a longer lifespan while others have managed to grow incredibly large. Such is the case with the animals we will soon talk about, creatures that are by far the largest inhabiting our planet.

Needless to say, the largest creatures inhabiting our world are all mammals, as mammals are the only creatures capable of growing to such sizes. After careful research, we managed to make a list of the ten largest mammals on Earth. We should point out, however, that our list refers only to land-based mammals as it would otherwise be a long list of whale species.

9Black Rhino

The average weight of a Black Rhino is 1,150 kg, which is a lot more than any domestic animal. At the same time, the maximum weight of a Black Rhino can reach 1,900 kg or more. We should also point out that Black Rhinos can grow to be 3.43 meters as far as body length is concerned, although their exact weight / length can vary depending on their diet and how often they eat, drink, and sleep.