Top 10 List of Most Wished For Superpowers


Let’s be honest here, every person wishes they had some sort of superpower, whether it’s flying, super strength, or X-Ray vision. As children, we all fantasized about having magic powers or supernatural ones at some point, but as we grew older we developed more objective views on life. So for the fun of it, let us find out what are the most desired superpowers that people wish they had.

After careful consideration, we came to the conclusion that people aren’t exactly creative when it comes to what superpowers they wished they had, as surprisingly enough, there are about ten superpowers that most people seem to agree are the best and most useful to have. So without further ado, here are the ten most popular superpowers that people wish they had.


We all know people who wish they were someone else. Either by pretending or putting makeup on themselves, they even manage to do so to some extent. However, the ability to be someone or something else if even in terms of looks and only for a short while, has crossed most people’s minds at some point. It does seem that people enjoy shapeshifting more than a multitude of other superpowers because one in every ten people wishes they could be a shapeshifter according to polls.