Top 10 Loneliest Countries in the World


Driven by economic circumstances, health problems, or simply by the need to be alone, some people live by themselves. You would think that most people crave a fulfilling family life, and for the most part you would be right. In some countries, however, the number of households containing a single member is much larger than you would expect. Interestingly enough, it seems that this has more to do with affordability than it has with the political or cultural aspects of that particular country. Let us then take a look at the 10 loneliest countries in the world.


The Amazon rain forest in Brazil is home to the most isolated tribe in the world. In 2007, the Brazilian government enforced a 31 square mile radius around the tribe, aimed at ensuring that this tribe of isolated people was protected from developers who sought to destroy the forest. Probably influenced by their forest cousins, many Brazilians are today opting to live alone while becoming financially independent.