Top 10 Longest Sniper Shots Ever Known


Marksmen are considered a critical centerpiece of modern warfare, given their ability to eliminate key elements within the enemy’s ranks without putting themselves or their brothers in arms in any real danger. You see, ever since the introduction of firearms to the battlefield, people have constantly been looking for ways to deal with a large number of enemies while sustaining minimal casualties.

This is precisely why modern warfare values sniping as an integral part of any modern army, and it is also why snipers are glorified so much. Due to the constant advancement in military technology, modern snipers are nowadays capable of hitting targets at a very long distance.

Therefore, the longest confirmed sniper kills are owed not only to the capable marksmen who pulled the trigger, but also to the high-standard rifles that made them possible. We have put together a list of the 10 longest sniper shots ever recorded, to give you an idea of how dangerous snipers are in modern warfare.

10Steve Reichert, USA – 1,765 yards (1,613 meters)

This amazing shot took place during the battle of Latifiya, as part of the invasion of Iraq in 2004. The author of this tremendous, confirmed hit, was Steve Reichert of the United States Marine Corps. He was a member of the 2nd Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment, and he used a Barrett M82A3 equipped with Raufoss NM140MP (.50 Cal) rounds. This is just one example of how far snipers are able to hit shots these days, but believe or not, some snipers can hit targets at a much bigger distance than that.