Top 10 Modern Day Ruins


We travel around the world to see ancient ruins in all their glory and wonder about times long gone, yet there are plenty of modern day ruins that we barely ever think about. For various reasons, these once impressive and ambitious projects were abandoned at some point, turning into veritable ruins by all standards. Most of these ruins have an intriguing background, while others were supposed to make an impact on the world somehow. Long story short, here are the 10 most notable modern day ruins.

10Hitler’s Hollywood Mansion

In the 1930s a group of American NAZI sympathizers calling themselves the silvershirts, purchased Legendary Cowboy Will Roger’s ranch for $4 million. The ranch was to serve as Adolf Hitler’s base of operations, when the Führer, according to the group would be spreading his message in America. The group led by landowners Norman and Winona Stephens and mining heiress Jessie Murphy refurbished the property, installing a bomb shelter, armed guards and a diesel power plant. Fortunately, or unfortunately, the property was abandoned when the FBI stormed it, arresting members of the Silvershirts after Pearl Harbor. Despite the passing of time, the property stands to date.