Top 10 Most Beautiful Islands


People’s fascination with the sea has always been rooted into their most basic nature, which explains why so many are drawn to large bodies of water without any real explanation. Maybe it was mankind’s need for survival that lead them to build communities near fishing spots, or maybe it was the beauty and serenity of waves crushing against the shore. Whatever the reason, the desire to watch the sun go down over the blue horizon is something we all feel regardless of age, sex, or nationality.

It is for this reason that we tried to come up with a list of some of the greatest islands on the planet. Places in which you can nurture your senses at an almost spiritual level, as you sit down on the beach while the cooling breeze brushes gently against your skin. These islands aren’t all tropical by any means, as beauty stands in the eye of the beholder. Some prefer warm sandy beaches under the hot sun, while others want nothing more than to experience the humid cold air of the ocean.

10Bali, Indonesia

Bali is a place where active volcanoes rise above the tropical jungle to create a feeling of everlasting natural splendor. By looking at Bali from afar, you will get the feeling that you are indeed looking at how our entire planet used to look like millions of years ago. Furthermore, Bali’s rich culture makes it a perfect destination for people who not only want to enjoy themselves on a tropical beach, but who would also want to explore local customs in order to cultivate themselves.