Top 10 Most Bizarre Hobbies


Having a hobby to occupy your spare time with is mostly beneficial, just as long as it doesn’t pose any health hazards. However, given how strange people are, it was only natural for some people to develop some pretty strange hobbies as well. Some of these people lack the interest to do anything else, others appear to be absolutely insane.

Whatever the reasoning behind their weird hobbies may be, we thought it would be interesting to put together a list with the ten most bizarre hobbies out there.

9Playing dead

Well, there are many means to an end. Chuck Lamb, 47, admits that he is not good looking and that he would never make it as an actor. He however achieves his dream of being on TV or in a movie by playing dead. He takes photos and videos of himself when he is playing dead and posts them on his site. He has been doing this since 2005.

There were over 32 million visits on his website by the first anniversary. He has also made some TV and radio appearances. This is quite a weird hobby for a father of 6, but then again, so is mooing or any other hobby on our list.