Top 10 Most Bizarre Punishments for Petty Crimes


Most legislators usually conduct extensive studies to determine the exact punitive measures to be taken when a law is broken, mainly because it is only fair for the punishment to fit the crime. There have been cases, however, when law enforcement officials and members of the judicial system have laid out some pretty ridiculous sentences, despite the relatively petty crimes that have been committed.

You would expect each crime to have a designated punishment and you would be right. Sometimes, however, additional factors have to be taken into consideration when determining the right course of action in a court of law. This isn’t the case with all the items on our list. Some of these bizarre punishments were issued on the whim of overzealous judges who decided to take things personally. Here is a list of the ten most bizarre punishments that were issued for apparently petty crimes.

10Arresting an entire courtroom because of a phone

Back in 2005, Judge Robert Restaino was listening to a domestic violence case. The offenders had been ordered to update the judge on a weekly basis. On one of these updates, a cell phone went off and no one made any attempt to silence it or claim it. Frustrated, the judge threw everyone in the courtroom in jail for failing to present the cell phone. The Judge later released the 46 people and was also dismissed from his position by a commission.