Top 10 Most Common Asian Stereotypes


When most people hear the word ‘Asian’ they usually think of individuals with slanted eyes who talk with a funny accent and who for some reason, are all good at martial arts. In reality, Asia is a giant continent inhabited by many different ethnicities and cultures, some going back for thousands of years. Oddly enough, people of Asian origins have to explain certain things about their culture constantly to those around them who don’t even bother to think about whether not they’re being rude or too demanding. For instance, here are the ten most common Asian stereotypes that ethnic Asians have to deal with on a daily basis.

10Asian males are chauvinistic

Asian males are said to be irrational and disrespectful towards women. They are said to despise the empowerment of women and their liberation. They are also said to be orthodox and biased with regard to the rights of women. Worse still, American media showcases Asian men as a threat to white women, especially in movies. They are shown in the same light as Chinese guys. Movies also show Western males as romantic and lovable, while Asian men are portrayed as ‘less manly’. On the other side of the spectrum, Western men are supposed to respect women’s advancement and liberty.