Top 10 Most Common Asian Stereotypes


When most people hear the word ‘Asian’ they usually think of individuals with slanted eyes who talk with a funny accent and who for some reason, are all good at martial arts. In reality, Asia is a giant continent inhabited by many different ethnicities and cultures, some going back for thousands of years. Oddly enough, people of Asian origins have to explain certain things about their culture constantly to those around them who don’t even bother to think about whether not they’re being rude or too demanding. For instance, here are the ten most common Asian stereotypes that ethnic Asians have to deal with on a daily basis.

9Asian parents are conservative and strict

Asian parents are considered strict and conservative. Mothers are portrayed as nagging, and fathers are portrayed as dictator-like, their commands being seen as final and binding. According to this stereotype, Asian parents do not allow their children to go and party with friends. They prefer to see them studying instead. They believe that their children should not date until they are done with university. Even then, it is still early. The parents also compare their children with children from other families. When cleaning or watching TV, parents make too much noise, awaking the entire household.