Top 10 Most Common Misconceptions About Britain


We are all aware that each country has its own stereotypes, yet Britain’s stereotypes appear to be very well-known for some reason, almost to the point where people confuse them with actual facts. Combine them with a poor understanding of Britain’s politics and you have yourself an unreasonable image of one of the most influential states in history.

True, not everybody judges Britain by its stereotypes but a surprisingly large percentage of people do. To clear out some of these misunderstandings, we thought it would be wise to put together a list of the ten most common misconceptions about Britain that people around the world have.

7England’s National Anthem is “God Save The Queen”

Although “God Save The Queen” is Britain’s national anthem, it is not England’s official national anthem. In fact, other alternatives include “Land Of Hope And Glory”, “Jerusalem”, and even “I Vow To Thee My Country”. Even Wales and Scotland have their own national anthems; it is just that GSTQ is the national anthem of the three nations together. As such, each country has its own anthem when being represented by athletes and sports teams during international events.