Top 10 Most Common Misconceptions


We all know how quickly words of mouth spread around and how futile it is to stop a rumor once it spreads. You will find when looking back at history that the same thing happens with not only factual information but fictional rumors just the same. We also know how popular certain conspiracy theories can sometimes become and how quickly they can get out of hand. It is only a matter of time at that point until the general public begins accepting said rumors or theories as actual facts.

Such is the case with the things we will soon talk about. These common myths and misconceptions have been going around since forever, although people should really know by now just how false some of them are. So without further ado, here are the ten most common misconceptions a surprisingly large percentage of the population actually believes.

8Meteorites are hot

Given the fact that most of the meteorites we observe on the night sky leave a trail of dust behind them as they fall, we tend to assume that they’re all hot. This is because we know for a fact that objects entering the atmosphere often heat up because of air friction. While it is indeed true that the outside of the meteor will often heat up as it falls, the inside of a meteor is just as cold as the space it traveled through, mostly because rocks aren’t good heat conductors.