Top 10 Most Controversial Movies Of All Time


Even though controversy can hardly be avoided when making art of any kind, some movie producers have really dropped the ball when making the movies we’ll soon talk about. These films succeeded not only in annoying and even disgusting a large part of their audience, but they also raised a lot of controversy at the time of their release for various reasons.

In fact, some of these movies were even banned as a result of their content which was considered inappropriate for most audiences. Without further ado, here are the ten most controversial movies of all time.

10Cannibal Holocaust

Grindhouse aficionados see ‘Cannibal Holocaust’ as a legendary movie, much due to the gore and violence portrayed in the film. It is because of the gruesome violence that the film director, Ruggero Deodato was actually questioned by the police after the movie became popular, stopping the investigation only after the director proved that all the actors depicted as dying in the movie were actually alive and well in real life. Even so, the film also contained a lot of animal abuse and cruelty to animals, all of which being 100% true.