Top 10 Most Controversial Movies Of All Time


Even though controversy can hardly be avoided when making art of any kind, some movie producers have really dropped the ball when making the movies we’ll soon talk about. These films succeeded not only in annoying and even disgusting a large part of their audience, but they also raised a lot of controversy at the time of their release for various reasons.

In fact, some of these movies were even banned as a result of their content which was considered inappropriate for most audiences. Without further ado, here are the ten most controversial movies of all time.

9Birth Of A Nation

To put it briefly, Birth Of A Nation is seen as being glorified Ku Klux Klan propaganda and rightfully so. This 1915 movie is riddled with racism, KKK worship, and unrealistic portrayal of black people. While the film’s influence on movies as a whole is undeniable due to its modern film techniques, the overall message of the movie is considered racist by many people. In particular, the movie displays a very offensive image of black people while depicting KKK members as heroes.