Top 10 Most Controversial Nobel Peace Prize Winners


The Nobel Peace Prize is given by the Nobel committee to the person who has done most for fraternity between nations, the abolition or reduction of standing armies, and for the promotion of peace congresses. Although the definition of the award is pretty clear, the recipients have been controversial characters on more than one occasion.

For various reasons, some of the people who received this distinguished prize were thought to not only be undeserving of such an award but in some cases, to represent the exact opposite values such award winners should represent. Here are then, the ten most controversial Nobel Peace Prize Winners in history.

10Jimmy Carter

In 2002, ex-US president Jimmy Carter was presented with the Nobel Peace Prize for decades of untiring effort to find peaceful solutions to international conflicts, to advance democracy and human rights, and to promote economic and social development worldwide. One of the reasons why Jimmy Carter is a controversial recipient is because of his involvement in numerous non-peaceful initiatives back when he was a US president and because of his support of several tyrannical groups throughout the developing world during that time.