Top 10 Most Dangerous Criminal Organizations in the World


At this point in time, it is safe to assume that everybody knows what a ‘mafia’ is and what kind of activities these type of criminal organizations involve themselves in. As a rule of thumb, most of these criminal enterprises engage in drug trafficking, smuggling, robbery, drugs, and murder. Most of the time, organized crime is successfully stopped by law enforcement authorities but sometimes, the most ingenious of these organizations manage to grow. By doing so, they sometimes grow to the point where they manage to control the majority if not all aspects of a community.

These mafias usually operate on a pyramidal chain of command with a boss making all major decisions, a person we may call a ‘don’ if you will. Unlike regular enterprises, however, they do not decide what budget to be used within the next financial semester, but rather what route to take throughout their criminal dealings. Without further ado, here is our top ten most dangerous criminal organizations in the world at this time.

9The Israeli Mafia

Although being used as a general term for organized crime groups within Israel, the Israeli mafia is composed of 16 crime families, 5 of which are operating on a national level. Among these 16, the most important are the Abergils, the Alperons, the Dumranis, the Abutbuls, and the Shirazis. Their day to day business involves prostitution and trafficking women, money laundering, protection and extortion rackets, loan sharking and diamong smuggling. Some government officials claim that this unlawful fashion of organized criminal activities started in 1989 when the mass immigration of Russian Jews from the ex-Soviet Union brought a culture of organized crime with them.