Top 10 Most Dangerous Gangs in The World


It wasn’t long ago that we talked about the most dangerous cities in the world, well now we’ll tell you about some of their inhabitants, people who are beyond dangerous by all accounts. Of┬ácourse, poverty has a lot to do with how dangerous a city may be, but the main reason why some places are so inhospitable is due to the gangs that inhabit them. You see, around the world, gangs are the driving force behind drug dealing, human trafficking, gun violence and organized crime.

We will now try and focus on the ten most dangerous gangs in the world nowadays, organizations that have not only survived as criminal organizations throughout the years, but they have also thrived to the point that they function as veritable corporations these days.

9The Aryan Brotherhood

These white-supremacist nutjobs operate mainly as a prison gang, but their reach stretches long outside the prison walls. They have been known to assassinate people threatening their operations not only outside prison, but also outside the US. Founded in 1964 in San Quentin Prison near San Francisco, over the years the Aryan Brotherhood has grown increasingly violent, being viewed today as the most extremist group in the United States according to the Anti-Defamation League.