Top 10 Most Dangerous Jobs in the World


Every single one of us has to make a living somehow, not all of us however have to risk our very lives doing it. There are some professionals who willingly engage in activities that could end their lives just so the will make ends meet. Truth be told, the majority of these jobs are very well paid, mainly due to the huge safety hazard. Still, it takes a great deal of dedication and courage to do a job that could end your life, no matter how financially fulfilling it may be. Without further ado, here are the ten most dangerous jobs in the world right now.

9Land Mine Remover

We have all watched a movie whereby a team of specialists is sent to defuse a bomb or handle such a crisis. And time always seems to hang in the balance as the technicians try to find the right wire to cut, or button to push. Now picture this – a group of land mine removers working on an area that is filled with hidden explosives. And they are tasked with finding the land mines and carefully removing them. Talk about staring death in the face, every single time you are on duty. If you are wondering why there are no automated methods to do this dangerous job, well, there are such machines. Only problem is humans are way better at mine clearance than the robots.