Top 10 Most Dangerous Tourist Destinations


People love traveling to exotic destinations with nothing but adventure in mind, yet it is always dangerous when you are a long way from home. Tourists often get themselves in dangerous situations when traveling abroad, because post cards don’t usually tell the whole story of the places they are visiting. It is not only the extreme climate, the wildlife, or the terrain that should worry you when traveling through foreign lands, but the locals as well.

We have put together a list of the ten most dangerous tourist destinations in the world, to hopefully serve as some sort of guideline for those of you who are so eager to explore the world that you sometime neglect to address the many issues that such a journey may involve.


When people hear of Peru, they often think of Machu Picchu before anything else. This is an important historical landmark that attracts tourists to this South American nation by the millions every year. We can say that it brings in some good money. Machu Picchu itself can be considered a safe place, however, other areas of Peru may not be so safe, especially for foreigners. There are drug cartels, gangs and terror groups that may target tourists who visit Peru, so beware.