Top 10 Most Dangerous Traditions From Around The World


Traditions are an important aspect of every culture, as every group of individuals on our planet has its own set of particularities according to which they live out their lives. It is because of traditions that people who share a common tongue can relate to one another and maintain a level of mutual understanding.

Every one of us does certain things at certain times during the year according to a common practice that every person around us adheres to. This is one of the great things about traditions, everybody shares a common interest for a short time, like one giant family. Some of these traditions, as heartwarming as they may be, are downright dangerous. Here are the 10 most dangerous traditions that specific cultures from around the world adhere to.

9Polar Bear Plunge – United States

Similar to Russia’s New Years Dive, the Polar Bear Plunge is an event that takes place throughout the United States. It involves thousands of participants who dive into the ice cold water during the winter season, usually to raise money for charity. The biggest such dive takes place in Sandy Point State Park, Maryland, where hundreds of people dive every year to raise money for the Special Olympics.