Top 10 Most Developed Countries On Earth


During the Cold War, people would refer to countries who were unaligned to Western interests with the term ‘3rd world’, a term that after the fall of the Soviet Union, would start to represent developing countries. Trying to be politically correct, most people refer to 3rd world countries as being ‘developing’ ergo still in development, which is a nice way to say that they’re poor.

Make no mistake about it, 3rd world countries and ‘developing’ countries are pretty much the same poor countries we all know about. With this in mind, what exactly is a developed country and what are the standards to judge one by? If you’ll bear with us for a few minutes, we’ll try to find out what are the most developed countries in the world and why are they considered developed to begin with. Long story short, here are the ten most developed countries on Earth right now.


Enjoying a 0.900 HDI, Denmark is one of the most developed countries on Earth at this point in time. The Kingdom of Denmark benefits from a mixed economy seeing how the country lacks any major mineral resources other than oil and gas, a predicament that led to them to develop an economy that relies on human resources above all else. It also has to be said that life expectancy in Denmark is 80 years and the standard of living is very high. They have a GDP of $210.1 billion which translates to $37,657 per capita.