Top 10 Most Disgusting Foods in the World


We can all agree that people will eat pretty much anything when they’re hungry, with little concern for how healthy, or even tasty that particular dish may be. We also know that people of different cultures eat different types of food, so what may appear unappealing to some, might be considered a rare delicacy some place else.

For various reasons, most of the following dishes are sought-after by people native to the lands of their origins, while most other people would consider them disgusting. Let us then take a look at ten of the most disgusting foods in the world.

8Jellied moose nose

In Alaska the cooking of moose snout is not strange neither is it new. The process of preparing this delicacy is known as jellied, hence the name. The sliced moose snout can be white or dark. This earns a spot on this list for being relatively disgusting compared to other American foods.